In 2018

According to preliminary data, the trade balance of the Autonomous Region of Madeira with foreign countries had a surplus of 18 million euros

According to preliminary data for 2018, the Region’s trade balance of goods with foreign countries stood at +18.0 million Euros, representing a coverage rate of imports by exports of 111.4%. According to provisory data, 2017 was the first year in which the balance between exports and imports was positive (+5.6 million Euros), with the coverage rate reaching 103.9%. 2018 was the second consecutive year in which the trade balance had a surplus, which was pronounced than in 2017.

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In 2018, exports totaled 176.3 million Euros – an all-time record – increasing by 20.1% from the previous year, while imports reached 158.2 million Euros, up by 12.1% from 2017.  80.3% of exports were destined for Third Countries (i.e. outside the EU) and 87.1% of imports came from the EU.