In the third quarter 2018

Number and sales value of transacted dwellings in the Autonomous Region of Madeira increased year-on-year and compared to the previous quarter

In the third quarter 2018, 779 dwellings were traded in the Autonomous Region of Madeira, up by 14.4% over the previous quarter and 2.8% compared to the 3rd quarter 2017. This is the highest value since the 1st quarter 2011.

From that total, 613 were existing dwellings and the remaining 166 new dwellings. Compared to the previous quarter, the number of existing dwelling traded rose by 17.2% (+7.0% y-o-y) and in the case of new dwellings by 5.1% (-10.3% y-o-y).

The value of transacted dwellings in the reference quarter was approximately 106.5 million euros, representing a 18.1% increase over the previous quarter and a 16.0% growth compared to the same quarter of the prior year. The sales value for the new dwellings stood at 27.4 million euros and for the existing dwellings at 79.0 million euros.

In Portugal, the number of transacted dwellings in the third quarter 2018 reached 45.9 thousand (a 0.7% increase compared to the last quarter), generating a sales value of 6.3 billion euros (+1.4%). The year-on-year growth rates were 18.4% and 29.1%, respectively.

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