In January 2018

Average value of housing bank evaluation in the Autonomous Region of Madeira decreased compared to the previous month but increased year-on-year

In January 2018, the average value of housing bank appraisals in the Autonomous Region of Madeira reached €1 279/sq meter, decreasing by -1.9% from December 2017 and increasing by 4.6% from the same period of the year before.

For the flats located in the Autonomous Region of Madeira, the value of bank appraisals in the month of reference was €1 288/sq meter. In the case of row houses the value was lower (€1 268/sq meter).

For Portugal, that same variable stood at €1 153/sq meter in the month of reference, 0.3% above the previous month. The year-on-year change rate was +4.2%.

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