Madeira’s economy starts the year with an acceleration of economic growth

The Regional Indicator of Economic Activity (RIEA) indicates that, in the month of January 2018, the regional economic activity continues to show signs of accelerating growth, thus continuing the trend which had been observed since october 2017. It should be recalled that IRAE has been positive since June 2013.


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It should be noted that this indicator is a synthesis instrument whose objective is to facilitate the timely monitoring of the regional economy, in particular as regards to direction and magnitude of fluctuations, and does not present itself as a substitute for other official statistics, namely of annual rate of change of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Monthly Economic Indicators – January 2018

Together with RIEA is published the Monthly Economic Indicators - January 2018, an instrument for monitoring the economic situation, which provides the most recent data on regional economic activity.

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