In January 2021 

Regional economy continued to decline 

The Regional Indicator of Economic Activity (RIEA) indicates that, in January 2021, the drop in the economic activity was more pronounced than in the previous month. 

As mentioned in the first release of RIEA, back in October 2017, its goal is “to signal the behavior of economic activity, namely concerning its direction and magnitude of fluctuations: whether it is in the positive or negative ground, accelerations, decelerations and the identification of turning points”. Therefore, its quantitative value assumes secondary importance, not being a substitute for the volume change of the Gross Domestic Product - determined with a more varied and complete set of statistical information - although there is a strong correlation between the two variables.

 IRAE janeiro EN

Monthly Economic Indicators – January 2021 

Together with the RIEA is published the Monthly Economic Indicators - January 2021, an instrument for monitoring the economic trends, which provides the most recent data on regional economic activity. 

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