In 2017

Madeira’s hotel industry registered new records in overnight stays and revenue

Initial estimates for December 2017 show a decrease in the overnight stays (-0.3%), with positive year-on-year rates of change in total revenue (+6.7%) and lodging revenue (+9.6%).

At the country level, the rates of change stood at 9.8% in nights spent, 18.1% in total revenue and 21.1% in revenue from accommodation.

It should be noted that the number of guest arrivals increased by 2.6%, and given the decline in the overnight stays, this represents a drop in the average stay from 5.29 nights in December 2016 to 5.08 nights in December 2017.

In the month of reference, the number of overnight stays in the Autonomous Region of Madeira stood at 417.0 thousand. The total revenue and the revenue from accommodation reached 25.2 and 16.4 million euros, respectively.

Taking into consideration the results for the year 2017, the overnight stays grew by 1.9%, while total and lodging revenue rose by 7.8% and by 9.0% over the previous year. The overnights stays topped 7.5 million, the total revenue reached 407.4 million euros and the lodging revenue 263.6 million euros. The preliminary results show that in 2017, the British and German were the main markets with 1.9 million overnight stays each. The residents in Portugal and France generated 813.5 and 630.0 thousand overnights stays, respectively.

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The bed occupancy rate in the reference month reached 47.9%, the highest among the seven Portuguese NUTS2 regions. The annual rate stood at 69.7%, 0.5 percentage points higher than in 2016.

The monthly average income per room (RevPAR) recorded a year-on-year change rate of +8.9%, increasing to € 38.97. The annual RevPAR was € 51.47 (+8.3% than in 2016).

More rounds played in Madeira’s golf courses in 2017

The data from the Golf Course Survey show that in 2017, the number of rounds played in the three golf courses of the Autonomous Region of Madeira stood at 67,219 (+11.1% compared to 2016). This activity generated 2.6 million euros. 75.5% of those rounds were played by non-members, mainly coming from Nordic countries, Germany and the UK. 57.1% of the total rounds were sold by hotel establishments and similar, 25.5% by the tour operators and the remaining 17.4% by the golf courses themselves.

Number of transit passengers aboard cruise ships in Madeira’s ports increased by 3.4%

According to the data provided by the Port’s authority, 537,535 transit passengers aboard cruise ships were counted in 2017, a 3.4% growth when compared to the previous year.


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