Flash estimate

In February 2021

Only 57.0 thousand overnight stays were recorded

According to the flash estimate, in February 2021, the tourist accommodation sector registered 11.2 thousand guest arrivals and 57.0 thousand overnight stays, corresponding to year-on-year rates of change of -88.8% and -90.3%, respectively (-76.0% and -77.5% in January, by the same order).

To compare the regional data with the country’s it is necessary to exclude local accommodation under 10 beds. In this case, the number of overnight stays in tourist accommodation establishments shows a decrease of 92.6% compared to February 2020, a larger drop than in the country (-87.7%).

Overnight stays from residents in Portugal decreased by 73.7% (-57.8% in January) reaching 17.3 thousand and corresponding to 30.3% of the total, while those from non-residents fell by 92.4% (-79.8% in the previous month), standing at 39.8 thousand. The guest flow of residents in Portugal reached a total of 6.8 thousand, decreasing by 70.2% (-56.0% in January) with non-resident guests estimated at 4.4 thousand, a year-on-year decline of 94.3% (-81.6% in the previous month).

In the country, in February 2021, overnight stays from residents have decreased by 74.8% (-61.0% in January), reaching 329.9 thousand, representing 69.8% of the total, while those of non-residents declined by 94,4% (-87.2% in the previous month), standing at 143.0 thousand.

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In the Region, the main non-resident issuing markets registered substantial decreases in overnight stays in this month. The British market recorded the sharpest drop, with -96.2% in overnight stays (-92.2% in January), followed by the German market with -92.1% (-58.5%) and the French market with -89.8% (-75.4% in the previous month).

In February, 67.0% of tourist accommodation establishments were closed or did not have any guests. In the reference month, the hotel sector counted 42.6% of the establishments with a guest flow (58.8% in January).


The detailed results for February 2021 will be published on April 15th of 2021.