Statistical data is an essential tool in decision-taking in the public level, more precisely in the definition, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of public policies, but also in the private and scientific spheres and among citizens in general.

Therefore, the statistics produced and disseminated by the statistical authorities should comply with high statistical quality standards in order to promptly meet the information needs of its users.

Given that the released statistics are subject to revisions of different kinds, to present new data or introducing changes in the existing ones should be an inherent part of the statistical process. For this reason, it is important for this to be supported by a set of guidelines and principles that guarantee not only transparency of the process, but also and foremost confidence and information useful to users.

DREM, by defining its revisions policy, aims to lay down the general rules by which the information to supply to users regarding the type and possible causes of revisions of the already disseminated data may be subject to. The goal is to guarantee consistency, reliability and timeliness of the official statistics made available to the Society.


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