Statistical Literacy at the service of citizenship

One of the strategic goals of the Regional Directorate of Statistics of Madeira (DREM) is to improve communication and to promote statistical literacy, in accordance with the General Guidelines of Official Statistics Activity (LGAEO) 2013-2017.

Thus, since 2013, DREM has been carrying out several initiatives aimed at contributing to the strengthening of reliability in official statistics and improving its use by society in general by:

Our doors are always open and we are still available to carry out new dissemination/training sessions when requested.

Presentation session "The Statistical Literacy at the service of citizenship"

Session in Escola Secundária 
Francisco Franco

Session in Escola Básica e Secundária da

Presentation of the Official statistics website of Autonomous Region of Madeira

6th Iberian-Atlantic Seminar on Regional Statistics - Statistics and the Economy of the Sea

 Forum on older people


3rd symposium, "perspectives on aging"

Session in Escola Secundária Dr. Ângelo Augusto da Silva

 Official Statistical Information in the service of the municipalities 



8th Iberian-Atlantic Seminar on Regional Statistics - Agriculture and Environment

Session for Escola Secundária Dr. Horácio Bento de Gouveia 

Presentation in the Economic Statistics Section of the Statistic Council 

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Sources of information for the compilation of the Deficit and Debt of the Regional Administration of Madeira.

9th Iberian-Atlantic Seminar on Regional Statistics - Transports and Comunnications Presentation in Escola Secundária Dr. Ângelo Augusto da Silva - Socioeconomic characterisation of the Autonomous Region of Madeira  I Seminar on Regional Statistics
Session for ISAL