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In 2016

Egg production and poultry meat decreased compared to 2015. Livestock slaughtering, landed catch and agricultural products prices grew

The Regional Directorate of Statistics of Madeira releases today the Agriculture and Fishery Statistics for 2016.

The main results are summarised as follows: 

In agriculture:

- The potato production stood at 26,110 tonnes in 2016, dropping by 29.8% from 2015, remaining as the highest among temporary crops, followed by sweet potato (11,294 tonnes) and sugar cane (10,812 tonnes). Banana (21,305 tonnes, up by 14.7% from 2015) and vitis vinifera grapes (3,514 tonnes, -27.1%) were the most important productions of permanent crops in 2016.

In animal production:

- In aviculture, the egg production in 2016 reached 22.1 million units, dropping  by 7.1% from 2015. The production of poultry meat also decreased by 11.2%, totaling 3.545,1 tonnes in the year of reference.

- Increase by 6.9% of  the livestock slaughterings.

In fishery:

- In 2016, the landed catch grew by 2.2% in volume to 5,764.6 tonnes and decreased by 1.3% in value to 15.4 million euros. The catches of tuna and tuna-like species declined by 1.4% while the catches of black-scabbard fish rose (+0.8%).

Regional Economic Accounts for Agriculture (REGEAA) and exports:

- The REGEAA data show that agricultural output in the Autonomous Region of Madeira stood at 104.4 million euros in 2015. Between 2014 and 2015 (for 2015 the data is still provisional) agricultural output increased by 14.0% in nominal terms. 84.5% of the total agricultural output came from crop output and 12.2% from animal output.

- The Autonomous Region of Madeira exported 17.3 thousand tonnes of banana and 100.3 tonnes of sweet potato in 2016. 18 thousand protea flowers and 4 thousand cymbidium stems were also exported in the year of reference.

Agricultural prices:

- In 2016, the agricultural products producer price index grow by 20.6% over 2015. This increase was driven by the growth in the price index of potatoes (28.7%), fresh vegetables (+27.9%) and fruits (26.0%). The prices index of agricultural production means dropped by 4.6% from 2015, a decline which can be partly explained by a decrease in the price index of fertilisers and soil improvers (-24.8%).


The Regional Directorate of Statistics of Madeira (DREM) releases today, on its official statistics website, a time series on Agriculture and Fisheries Statistics for the years of 1976 to 2016

The information for the 1976-2016 period is presented in four different chapters:

- Agriculture;

- Fisheries;

- Agricultural economic accounts and exports of agricultural products;

- Agricultural prices.

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